Custom Cabinets, Boston

We have helped numerous clients by designing custom cabinets, closets, bookcases, and other storage specifically for their needs.

Our clients, whom we helped to downsize, have a large collection of ethnic art and crafts, which they wanted to display in their living room.  They had originally envisioned a dark wood wall unit, but after we explained that the collection would blend in with the dark wood and suggested a custom-designed display unit painted the same color as the wall, they realized this was a wonderful idea.  As you can see, it’s the shelving that blends into the wall while the art stands out.

Custom-designed Display Wall
Custom-designed Display Wall

When our clients moved into their new home, this alcove in the living room was empty.  They had thought they would build some shelving and cabinets in the space.  We suggested, since the alcove abuts a guest bathroom, that they consider a wet bar as the plumbing was easily accessible.  Our clients thought it was a terrific idea and asked us to design the space for them.

Custom Cabinets and Wet Bar


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